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A Brief History of Teeth Whitening Products

With the popularity of teeth whitening and teeth whitening products, one would think this phenomenon is pretty recent. But did you know teeth whitening has been around for over 5000 years? In ancient times, around 3000 B.C. people didn't have toothbrushes, but instead used chewing sticks.  These were specially crafted wooden chew sticks that they would use to scrape the debris off their teeth.  In ancient Egypt, having white teeth was a sign of wealth. Ancient Egyptians created a whitening paste using wine vinegar and ground pumich stone. The Ancient Romans would use urine as a bleaching agent due to the ammonia in the urine.  In the early 19th century, dentists started using fluoride to help prevent cavities. But they also discovered that too much fluoride could permanenately stain the teeth.  In modern times, the invention of teeth whitening bleaching started around the late 1980's.  Twenty years prior, peroxide was being used as an oral antispeptic gel to treat gums. Quite by accident, they noticed that the same peroxide was making clients teeth whiter as a side effect. The teeth whitening product industry quickly boomed after that and today we have thousands of teeth whitenings products, from teeth whitening kits, hydrogen perioxide and carbamide perioxide teeth whitening pens, charcoal powder and toothpaste, electric tooth brush and oral irrigators, 3D White Gel Teeth Whitening Strips, and many more.

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